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An Overview of Lee County’s September 2021 Residential Report

Posted by Hannah Taylor on October 18, 2021
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Lee County's September 2021 Residential Report

Don’t worry—we won’t make your head spin with a bunch of numbers. Instead, we’ve condensed the most striking info from the September 2021 Residential Report from the Lee County Association of Realtors. So, let us show you how all the numbers compare!

Fewer homes on the market

Sellers, we have good news for you! Compared to last year, you have a lot less competition. Last month, Lee County had 369 houses on the market, compared to 502 in September 2020.

A steady number of new listings

Interesting! Though buyers didn’t find as many homes on the market as last year, the number of new listings remains fairly close when compared year-over-year. September 2020 saw 191 new listings, while September 2021 dropped slightly to 180.

Less time spent on the market

We may know why the market has fewer homes, but close to the same number of new listings: a faster selling time. This time last year, Lee County homes spent an average of 73 days on the market. Last month, though, that time had dropped to just 31 days.

Existing homes sold

Existing homes had—and still have—a strong hold on the market compared to new construction. Back in September 2020, they accounted for 115 of the total homes sold compared to 63 new construction. Then, last month, 140 existing homes sold compared to 77 new construction.

Total homes sold

Existing home sales led the pack in September 2020 and 2021! Adding the numbers together reveals that Lee County featured a jump in home sales year-over-year. A total of 178 houses found buyers in September 2020, while 217 were purchased in September 2021.

Average home sale prices

Next up on Lee County’s September 2021 Residential Report: the averages for Lee County home sales. The overall average was $341,616—a big jump from September 2020’s figure of $297,402.

Auburn and Opelika experienced similar trends. Auburn home averages rose from $332,309 to $373,602. Meanwhile, Opelika averages shot up from $250,973 to $302,305.

Total property sales sold dollar volume

We want to finish this overview off strong! What better closer can you find than a whole lot of profit for Lee County sellers? In September 2021, the Lee County market reported an impressive total property sales sold dollar volume of $74,130,775! That’s a whopping 40 percent increase from September 2020!


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