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In the News: Auburn is Alabama’s Fastest-Growing City

Posted by Hannah Taylor on September 8, 2021
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Auburn is Alabama's fastest-growing city

You know Auburn for Auburn University and Auburn Football. Or for the restaurants and shops in Downtown Auburn. Or for attractions like the Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art. Well, it turns out that we have another big claim to fame. As it turns out, Auburn is Alabama’s fastest-growing city, according to the 2020 Census!

Who gathered the results?

You may recall taking the 2020 Census last year. Well, they’ve got the results—and Auburn is Alabama’s fastest-growing city of Alabama’s top 25 largest cities.

More on the Census

Every 10 years, the United States government holds their latest Census. It allows them to gather information on populations and demographics. That way, they can record changes, as well as allocate funding and tax dollars.

The Census even determines how many seats in the House of Representatives a state has. So, if you’ve never filled out the Census before, take this as an important lesson!

About the data

The 2020 Census also revealed that Auburn is now the seventh most populous city in the state—and we’re growing quickly. Here are the details!

After comparisons with Alabama’s 25 largest cities, Auburn earned the title of the fastest-growing. In total, we grew by 43 percent from 2010 to 2020. Back then, we had a population of 53,380. Now, we have a remarkable population of 76,143 strong.

Lee County also enjoyed similar growth. The county’s population rose by 24 percent throughout the past 10 years, starting at 140,247 in 2010 and reaching 174,241 in the 2020 Census. We wonder what the next decade will hold!

Other fast-growing cities

Auburn has found itself in good company! Other fast-growing Alabama cities on the list include Gulf Shores, Fairhope, and Chelsea.


It took a whole decade of growth to bring us here! And soon, you could make some changes of your own. After all, you know that Auburn is Alabama’s fastest-growing city. But do you know how to find your home sweet home here?

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