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5 Ways That Paint Color Choices Can Affect Your Home Sale

Posted by Hannah Taylor on September 7, 2021
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ways that paint color choices can affect your home sale

Your home shows off who you truly are. Whether you like to go neutral or you adore bright hues, one of the best parts of owning a house is the freedom to choose. Still, if you want to sell soon—or in the next few years—it helps to know what kinds of colors appeal to buyers. We’ll explain the ways that paint color choices can affect your home sale.

Revitalizing your exterior

You don’t have to retire your paintbrush. In fact, the exterior of your home needs gorgeous paint to pop! Consider adding an HOA-approved (if necessary) repaint to your front door or shutters. Voila!

Showcasing too much personality

Dramatic colors reveal a sense of personality. While that’s great when you’re simply living in your home, they can discourage possible buyers from envisioning themselves in the space. In particular, you should stay away from black, orange, and purple.

Providing a blank slate

Conversely, neutral colors allow buyers to imagine themselves starting off with a blank slate in a space. Paint colors like whites, taupes, and neutrals are great for when it comes time to sell your home.

Highlighting certain rooms, but not others

We’ll say it again: when potential buyers tour your home, they want to envision living there. Loud colors in certain locations can make that task harder.

Another one of the ways that paint color choices can affect your home sale involves the location where you paint. Some rooms offer more free reign for brighter colors, such as the kitchen or the bathroom, while others, like the bedroom and living room, should stick to neutrals. If you cannot bear to repaint, keep this in mind.

Adding accents for visual interest

A little color goes a long way! You can make brilliant colors look appealing by using them as accents. That could mean using them on one wall, or part of a wall. It could also mean using them as art pieces, like frames, paintings, or tapestries.

Remember: You can always take a piece of décor off the wall. Repainting, on the other hand, takes way more time and money.


Everyone deserves to live in a house that makes them happy! So, if you want to stay awhile—or you don’t mind repainting—proudly paint those walls lemon yellow or dreamy lilac. For those who want to sell soon, though, don’t forget about the many ways that paint color choices can affect your home sale.

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