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9 Critical Bathroom Upgrades to Make Before You Sell

Posted by Hanna Selman on July 5, 2021
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critical bathroom upgrades to make before you sell

When you are ready to sell your house, there are often upgrades homeowners can make that add value and appeal. Wondering where to start? How about one of the most-used rooms—the bathroom! Here are some critical bathroom upgrades to make before you sell.

Replace old flooring.

Update broken, cracked tile or scuffed vinyl. The good news is replacing flooring is often a job homeowners can handle on their own. Quality and contemporary material can be purchased at a relatively low costs with a high payoff in the end.

Reglaze the tub instead of replacing it!

If the tub can be reglazed instead of replaced, do it. This could save you potentially thousands of dollars! Replacing a tub could get out of hand quickly and rack up unwanted expenses from contractors to plumbers.

Often, a white tub can be reglazed for a fraction of the cost, and it looks brand new.

Invest in a new sink.

There’s no doubt about it. The sink is a well-used bathroom essential. Buyers tend to check bathroom sinks right when they enter. Installing a whole new sink is almost always worth it in the long run.

Make it two—as in a double vanity!

It takes two more times than not, and this is no exception to the rule. Even if the bathroom space is moderate, a double vanity is doable! No one wants to fight for a sink or space in the bathroom. Whether it is spouses or siblings, two sinks are better than one.

Replace or paint your vanity.

Stay current with clean lines and sophistication. Paint the old one if a new vanity isn’t in the budget. Select a high-gloss paint in a pale grey or white. When in doubt with color choices, go neutral. Granite or stone counters are still preferred by most buyers too.

Add space and storage.

Make the most of the space available! People want room for linens and toiletries. Look at your bathroom with fresh eyes. For example, can you take away some space from something else, like a closet, and make a bigger shower? If so, do it! Larger bathrooms pay off and can seal the deal!

Update hardware and accessories.

This is another one of those budget-friendly critical bathroom upgrades to make before you sell. With a few hours and a screwdriver, you can make a world of difference! Modern fixtures, towel racks, knobs, a framed mirror—all elevate the feel of a bathroom.

However, be mindful of your selections and make sure the metals all complement each other including shower frames and doorknobs.

Put in new light fixtures.

By all means, say goodbye to the throwback ‘80s-style dust collectors! Instead, install light fixtures that are—once again—simple with clean lines. Plus, this is another upgrade that can typically be handled by the homeowner.

Make it light and cheery.

The good thing about “cheery” is it can be achieved with classic white subway tile, clean lines and neutral colors. Replace any bold patterns with pale tones instead.  Think along the lines of creating a blank slate for the new homeowner.


Sometimes deciding to sell your home is just the first step. If you’ve found yourself ready to sell, but unsure of what’s next, reach out to your local real estate expert, Ryan Roberts! His years of experience with both buyers and sellers allows him to offer a biased perspective from both sides. Have questions? Contact Ryan here!

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