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In the News: Guthrie’s in Downtown Auburn

Posted by Hanna Selman on September 15, 2020
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Guthrie's in Downtown Auburn

For years now the building on the corner of North College and Glenn Avenue across from Papa John’s has stood empty. But not for long thanks to a recent vote of the Auburn City Council. Guthrie’s in downtown Auburn is coming soon!

An Auburn Tradition Adds to Downtown Spirit

Auburn and Guthrie’s go hand-and-hand, so it’s fitting that it will be the specialty chicken finger place in downtown. The second Guthrie’s restaurant to ever open happened to be in Auburn in 1982. It was the idea of founder Hal Guthrie’s son, Chris, to open the original Auburn Guthrie’s on Opelika Road at the time.

It is also in that location that the full menu from the parent store in Haleyville was first downsized to hamburgers, cheeseburgers, steak sandwiches, chicken fingers and a few other items. But as storage and space were still premium real estate in the small Opelika Road store, Chris noted a trend and made a bold suggestion to his dad.

By 1987, Guthrie’s was focusing on one thing—fresh, hot chicken fingers! Now with Guthrie’s in downtown Auburn, visitors can soon enjoy a taste of tradition with a deliciously, crispy golden fried chicken finger box and, of course, an extra sauce.

More to the Story of Guthrie’s…

Guthrie’s has a long-established history in the restaurant business with the patriarch, Hal, opening the first family restaurant in the town of Haleyville in July 1965. The first restaurant did have a much more varied menu, but even then, it was known for its original secret family recipes that included out-of-this-world chicken.

Other secret family recipes that still make Guthrie’s stand out as a favorite among chicken finger connoisseurs include the marinade (which results in tender tenders!), the batter, and the signature sauce.

According to the website, there are now 37 restaurants in six states—all the way from Ohio to Florida—so Guthrie’s in downtown Auburn will increase that number by one. It will also become the flagship store for Guthrie’s as they continue to expand.


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