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8 Things to Look for During a Virtual Home Tour

Posted by Hanna Selman on July 13, 2020
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things to look for during a virtual home tour

Online home tours are not a new concept. From out-of-state buyers or sellers to the busiest bees among us, many of those in the market can benefit from alternative strategies. Over the past few months, a new need has arisen: social distancing. So, if you choose an online viewing, keep an eye out for these things to look for during a virtual home tour.

Ask for the Numbers

For some, short ceilings can be a huge problem. Others among us may need a certain-sized floorplan to accommodate all residents and furniture. And of course, we can’t forget the importance of personal preference. Ask your realtor for specific numbers, like heights, widths, and square footages if they are not available.

Observe the Natural Lighting

Natural lighting makes a big impact on our home life. Not only can it provide a sense of warmth and improve our mood, but it impacts where we will gather together and where we will place our furniture. On your virtual home tour, observe the windows and sources of natural lighting.

Listen to the Audio

Some places are a bit louder than others. Though the more extreme cases can include airplanes flying overhead, other spots can include loudly tweeting birds or screaming cicadas. Listen to the audio, inside and outside, to get a sense of what the area sounds like. That way, you don’t start unpacking boxes by a busy intersection surrounded by honking horns.

Keep an Eye out for Potential Problems

Standing water. Rickety floorboards. Gaps in the doorways. Little problems can cost big dough. Though homes frequently have an inspection before sale, it’s still important to make sure that you’re vigilant on a virtual tour.

See the Sheds

Some homes come with sheds and workshops. If they’re included in the sale—or are potential add-ons—you should make sure you examine them too.

Check out the Road

One of the most important things to look for during a virtual home tour may slip your mind. You should also check out the road leading to your driveway! If you have pets or young kids, you’ll need smaller, less busy roads. Also, a difficult turn-in or turn-out to your driveway can add some unnecessary stress to your day.

Request to See the Whole Yard

Your yard is where you’ll hold barbecues. It’s where pets have space to run. And it’s also the first impression people will get of your home, thanks to curb appeal. Request to see the whole yard, from front to back, to get the full picture.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Closer Look

When you visit homes in person, you can easily take in the scenery. Don’t miss out on a virtual tour! Simply ask for a closer look if your realtor is conducting a viewing. You can also request more specific photos if the tour is picture-based for the ultimate screen appeal. And don’t forget to use that zoom button!


Online viewings safely take us one step closer to buying—or selling—a home. Remember to watch for these things to look for during a virtual home tour. That way, finding your dream home is a breeze!

Whether you’re listing a home, you’re in the market, or both, Ryan Roberts will happily help you get the job done. Fill out our contact form to get started! As for learning more about real estate in the time of COVID-19, check out our blog.