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Home Buyer Tips While Social Distancing

Posted by Hanna Selman on April 13, 2020
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Home Buyer Tips While Social Distancing

As we’ve all come to know, COVID-19 has complicated things, including home buying. But that doesn’t mean you have to call off your home search. These simple home buyer tips while social distancing will help you stay safe as you tour.

Talk with your Realtor.

Your Realtor can connect you with open house opportunities in the neighborhoods and homes you’ve been eyeing from afar. Plus, your Realtor can call ahead and ask about a home’s showing, giving you a heads-up.

Come prepared.

When going to a showing, you may want to bring along a few things. It’s recommended you carry a mask, hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, shoe covers, and gloves with you. For shoe covers and gloves, you’ll want to have a pair for each showing. Finally, leave a trash or grocery bag in your car to discard used protective equipment.

Keep your social distance.

Take a separate car and meet your Realtor at the first property’s showing. Also, try and limit companions to as few possible, for instance one friend or your parents. Before entering the home, put on your protective wear (i.e. masks, gloves, and shoe covers) and bring in disinfectant wipes with you. If you don’t have your own gloves and shoe covers, Ryan Roberts can provide some for you. Disinfectant wipes can be used to disinfect surfaces you might accidently touch, such as light switches or doors. Though, try and avoid any unnecessary touching as you tour!


It can’t be said enough that one of the home buyer tips while social distancing that’s most helpful comes down to this: sanitize. Before leaving your home for a showing, wash your hands. And wash them again on your return. Between showings, shed gloves and shoe covers for fresh ones. If you opt not to wear shoe covers, take off your shoes at each home. Throw your socks in the washing machine and wash your feet when you make it back home. And, remember, after touching any surface that could be contaminated—wash your hands.

Be respectful.

Finally, be respectful of other people’s belongings as you tour. Sellers are understandably nervous about letting others into their home during COVID-19, so be extra courteous throughout the process.


Finding a home that fits you and your needs is important. So is staying safe and healthy during your search. Fortunately, you can accomplish both with the help of these home buyer tips while social distancing.

Need the advice of a trusted Realtor in the community? Ryan Roberts is here to serve you. Contact him through this form if you’re planning to keep house in the Auburn, Opelika, or Lake Martin areas. For further home- and real estate-related tips, our blog’s a resource you can rely on.