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Did You Know? Real Estate is an Essential Business

Posted by Hanna Selman on April 27, 2020
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real estate is an essential business

Essential businesses and essential workers help keep our community—and our economy—afloat. Their hard work allows us to stay fed, housed, and healthy. Right now, we’re working to ensure that folks have a wonderful place to live. After all, real estate is an essential business, according to The Department of Homeland Security. So, what does that mean for home buyers and sellers right now? Let us explain!

What is an essential business?

An essential business is one that is required for members of the community to be able to go about their lives and receive the fundamental basics. That means food, shelter, and healthcare. Real estate provides the second option.

That’s not all essential businesses do, though! They also make certain that our nation and community remain secure, and that our economy stays healthy. Finally, they keep the people in our country safe and protected.

What are other essential businesses?

Real estate is an essential business, according to a release from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency —and it’s one of many important industries. The following essential business—and the essential workers that keep them afloat—are in instrumental to our community. They include:

  • The Post Office;
  • Eye care clinics;
  • Gas stations;
  • Grocery stores;
  • First responders;
  • Food delivery companies;
  • Restaurants;
  • Hospitals; and
  • Pharmacies.

How can I support essential businesses?

Essential businesses need our support right now—especially smaller local businesses. If you have the means and the ability to help out right now, here are some of the ways you can give a leg up to essential businesses:

  • Buying online;
  • Tipping workers;
  • Staying inside unless otherwise necessary;
  • Buying gift cards for later use; and
  • Leaving a positive review.

You can also support essential businesses by supporting essential business workers! Ordering groceries or meals, sending over supplies, or simply just extending a thank you—all of these things can help essential business workers as they endeavor to keep us all safe.


Real estate is an essential business—and like all essential businesses, we need your support too. Whether that means virtually showing homes, helping you market your house, or assisting you on the hunt for the perfect place, we’re on your side. Fill out our contact form to get started. As for learning more about real estate—and how to support local businesses during this time—check out our blog here. Finally, if you’ve worked with us before, now is the perfect time to leave a review!