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Why Curb Appeal Matters In the Age of Social Distancing

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 8, 2020
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curb appeal matters in the age of social distancing

When you first see a house, what do you think? Do you notice the landscaping? The chairs on the front porch? The walkways? All of those things help create a sense of curb appeal—and when the sights are great, buyers are more likely to express interest. Now, because of COVID-19, more people rely on remote means like photos or driving by to guide their decisions on whether to pass on a house—or to make an offer. Fortunately, you can strategize to best display your home. After all, curb appeal matters in the age of social distancing. Here’s how it impacts the market!

You Can Display It Conveniently

Social distancing isn’t the only reason why some buyers cannot see your property in person! They may be moving from across the country, busy with work or childcare, or they simply don’t have a moment to spare. You can still show them just how lovely your home is by emphasizing the curb appeal through photos, giving buyers a convenient look at your house.

It Can Be the Subject of Drive-By Visits

Did you know that potential buyers can drive by homes and see if a property fits their needs? That means that your curb appeal needs to do a bit more heavy-lifting!

It Emphasizes Comfort and Safety

Social distancing helps us all stay safe—especially because some people are more vulnerable than others. That makes social distancing an excellent tool for buyers and sellers, since we all want a home where we feel comfortable. Playing up your curb appeal can help potential buyers see your home from a safe distance—and it can help them imagine making the house their own.

It Shows a Sense of Pride

We work hard to make our homes look nice. Taking good care of your landscaping, yard, and front porch shows that you take pride in your house—and others will too.

You Can Take Photos for the Web

Photos should show things at their best! Curb appeal matters in the age of social distancing—and pics can help you sell your home without conducting any tours. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Curb Appeal Helps Us Stay on Top of Chores

Spring and summer mean that everything is growing—including weeds and the grass. Maintaining good curb appeal means there’s an extra reason to stay on top of outdoor chores. If you’re wondering where to start, here’s a helpful list. You can also take advantage of the weather and plant flowers, bushes, and other appealing foliage.

Homes Are Selling Well This Season

You might think that real estate has taken a modest break as of late, but the opposite is true! Real estate is an essential business, and with new changes in practice and selling, Realtors are selling homes quite quickly. So, if you’re buying or selling a home during the Coronavirus, you can take advantage of a great market with strong curb appeal.


It’s a fact: curb appeal matters in the age of social distancing. Not only will it encourage buyers, but it will also help sellers find a home they’ll love. And don’t worry—we may be social distancing, but you don’t have to sell your home alone! Ryan Roberts is here to help you buy, sell, or both in the Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area. Fill out his contact form to begin. As for learning more about real estate and its relationship to social distancing, check out our blog.