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8 FAQs About Buying a Home During Coronavirus

Posted by Hanna Selman on May 25, 2020
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FAQs about buying a home during Coronavirus

The way we conduct business has changed. While it may seem daunting, we can find a silver lining: it means that we’re all working hard to protect our community. Still, you may have questions and concerns—especially about navigating the real estate market. We’re here to help make it all clear—so come learn more about market through these FAQs about buying a home during coronavirus.

Q. Can I still buy and sell during COVID-19?

A. This is one of the most common FAQs about buying a home during coronavirus—if not the most common—and for good reason. The answer is yes—though the way we buy and sell now is a bit different.

Q. Are Realtors part of an essential business?

A. Yes, we are! Because our occupation covers a fundamental human need—housing—we are considered part of an essential business.

Q. Can I move currently?

A. If you need to move at the moment, you can—and there will be services to help you. That includes U-Hauls. If you’re moving from one state to another, however, there may be distinct rules and regulations. We can help you understand more about them if you find yourself in that situation.

Q. Will closing times be affected by COVID-19?

A. Many businesses have noticed that their operations take a bit longer right now. That includes real estate, meaning that closing will take more time than it has previously. Fortunately, Ryan Roberts will be on your side to answer all your questions and concerns during the process.

Q. Do I have to see a mortgage lender in person right now?

A. Like many other industries, mortgage lenders have been able to go digital. So, you may still be able to get approval without seeing anyone in-person if that is how you feel the most comfortable. That’s some good news—especially considering how much mortgage rates have dropped.

Q. How can I tour a potential future home?

A. Our open houses are following protective health guidelines, like encouraging visitors to wear masks and shoe coverings and limiting the open house to one person or couple at a time. And whether you want a virtual tour, to see more photos, or even for your Realtor to take you on a live video chat tour, you have options! Read more about home buyer tips while social distancing.

Q. Will anyone have to visit my home?

A. If your home is on the market, but you don’t feel comfortable with visitors, we will make sure to help you find another safer way—such as FaceTime tours—to allow potential buyers a look at your home.

Q. Has COVID-19 affected home prices?

A. Buyers and sellers have been watching the market. Though some folks living in more remote areas have seen slight spikes in pricing, others in more populated areas have noticed that prices are less likely to change either way. In other words, for the most part homes currently sit in the same price range as they did previously.


Though times can be a bit overwhelming, Ryan Roberts is here to make your real estate journey as simple as possible. If you have any concerns beyond these FAQs about buying a home during coronavirus, you can contact Ryan here. You can also fill out our contact form if you’re looking to buy, sell, or both in the Auburn, Opelika, or Lake Martin area. Finally, for more on the world of real estate, visit our blog.