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Report: Auburn Is Among the Safest Cities in Alabama

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 9, 2020
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Auburn is among the safest cities in Alabama

There’s one thing you need to find before you search for the right home: the right town. We all want to move to a safe, dependable city where residents care about each other. If you’re thinking of buying a house, you’ll be excited to learn that Auburn is among the safest cities in Alabama, according to a report based on this year’s survey on state safety from Safewise. That’s good for local sellers and buyers alike!

What is Auburn’s ranking?

Auburn has earned its spot among the safest cities in Alabama. Currently, our town is sitting at number 17. That means we’re in the top 20! We’ve even moved up 12 places since the last survey, which suggests that we’re just getting better and better.

How was our ranking determined?

Safewise sent out a 2020 survey to towns in Alabama, trying to determine which are the safest. In order to determine the rankings, they collected information such as:

  • Data from residents based on how safe they feel;
  • Instances of crimes of various types;
  • Population info; and
  • Specific crime rates.

Additionally, this report went nationwide, finding out the safest cities in each and every state.

What are some of the other safest cities in the state?

We now know that Auburn is among the safest cities in Alabama. In fact, we’re number 17. So, the question is—what other towns have made the list? We have the answers! From number 10 to number one, here are the top safest cities in the state:

  • Pelham;
  • Satsuma;
  • Pleasant Grove;
  • Daleville;
  • Vestavia Hills;
  • Helena;
  • Margaret;
  • Mountain Brook;
  • Southside; and
  • Rainbow City.

More Accolades

Auburn, Alabama has earned quite a few accolades! For instance, we’re one of the most affordable cities in America. We’re also one of Money’s top 100 places to live. You can see even more of our awards here!


As we search for a place to plant our roots, it’s important to find a sturdy and solid foundation beneath our feet. Auburn is among the safest cities in Alabama—and soon, you could be one of the residents that make our town such a wonderful place to live. After all, our community loves to welcome people into the Loveliest Village on the Plains!

If you’re ready to begin the journey to your home sweet home, Ryan Roberts is here to help. He has experience buying, selling, or both in the Auburn, Opelika, or Lake Martin area. Fill out his contact form here to get started. Plus, to learn more about local news, achievements, and spotlights, check out our blog here.