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7 Home Features Buyers Are Looking for During COVID-19

Posted by Hanna Selman on October 12, 2020
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home features buyers are looking for during COVID-19

Spending more time in our houses has led many of us to re-evaluate how we feel about where we live. If you’re thinking of a change, you can use your property’s draws and amenities to your advantage. In fact, by highlighting these home features buyers are looking for during COVID-19, you can potentially look forward to closing on your sale, sooner rather than later.

Home Office

One of the most popular home features buyers are looking for during COVID-19 is a home office space. Whether you need a home base for your work operations, a spot for your child to study, or you need an area that offers a bit of both, this amenity can make an enormous difference.

Guest Room

Though times have been unusual, to say the least, one of the bright spots of this year is that we’ve seen how many people care for those around them. For some of us, that includes hosting loved ones, like parents or our adult children, indefinitely. A guest room or two can mean the world to a buyer!

Workout Area

No matter if it’s a sun nook where you can do morning yoga, a pool, or a full-out home gym, a workout area will easily impress buyers. People will love the peace of mind knowing that they can work out without worrying about leaving home. Exercise can be a great stress reliever too!

Fenced Backyard

Right now, a safe fenced backyard is worth its weight in gold! There, you can host household picnics, run around with the dogs, watch the children play, and more. Adding in a patio, covered porch, brick pizza oven, and other amenities will also amp up the value of your outdoor space.

Finished Basement

Essential workers, like medical professionals or in-classroom teachers, may be keeping their distance from their loved ones. They may even be doing so in the same house! A finished basement, complete with a kitchenette, can allow them to remain in the same house with their families as they responsibly quarantine.

Spacious Laundry Room

Washing our clothes more often during the pandemic has added up to far more laundry than we’re used to—and we need a great laundry room to help. Having a folding area, a giant sink, a place to air dry, and other extra features will make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

Extra Sink Space

From Jack and Jills, to double sinks, to en-suite bathrooms, extra sink space is a must right now. After all, we’re washing our hands more frequently, so that we can all stay healthy! Don’t forget to play up this feature if you have it.


Showing your house in its best light can help you sell faster—and for a better price! If you’re listing your property, you should emphasize these home features buyers are looking for during COVID-19.

If you need some help selling, we’re on your side. Ryan Roberts has years of experience in the Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area! You can contact him here. Finally, to find more real estate tips, check out our blog.