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8 Tips for Setting Up Your Work From Home Space

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 22, 2020
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tips for setting up your work from home space

Though our offices may have changed, our tasks still need to get done! For some of us, this may be the first time working from home. If you’ve had to create a makeshift office in your house, you can maximize your productivity in just a few minutes. How? By following these tips for setting up your work from home space.

Refrain from Working from the Couch or Bed

Your bed should be your absolute last choice of office—and your couch should be the second last. These are two places where you are used to unwinding and relaxing. Choosing them as your work from home space means that you’re blending together the worlds of employment and relaxation, which can disrupt your schedule entirely. No thank you!

Work in Professional Clothes

One of the most important tips for setting up your work from home space involves what you wear. After all, professional clothes set the tone much better than pajamas. You’ll also be ready for any last-minute video chats too!

Add in Some Fragrance

From candles, to wax melts, to air fresheners, a calming scent can help you work, stress-free. You can even use a lavender pillow spray on your tablecloth or blanket if you want an extra dose of calm.

Pick a Snack—And Bring It to Your Work Space

Working from home means we can eat at any time. Still, a trip to grab a yogurt can turn into a half an hour spent away from the job. If you get distracted often, pick a non-perishable snack to bring to your workspace, like a granola bar or some trail mix, as well as a glass of water. That way, you’ll still get the nutrients you need without getting too off-task.

Ensure Your Chair Is Comfortable

Sit down in your home office chair, and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the height conducive to working on the computer?
  • Will I be comfortable sitting here for eight hours a day?
  • Are there any chargers or wires in the way?
  • Do I need back support or a pillow to sit on?

Then, use your answers to tailor the area to your needs. It helps to address these questions immediately, so that you don’t force yourself to get used to an uncomfortable space.

Make It Homey

Though some of us are fortunate enough to have home offices, others may need to adapt. Once you find your spot, you should try and do a few small things to help it feel comfortable. After all, this is a spot that you will see five days—or more—a week, and you want to work in a pleasant environment. Whether that means spreading a tablecloth, putting out photos of loved ones, finding a coaster or two, and more, do what you can to turn your space into a welcoming environment.

Tidy Frequently

Pick a time of day to tidy your workspace. It could be 10 minutes before your workday starts, at the beginning of your lunch break, or after your shift has finished. This will help you work in a nice, clean area—and it can help prevent you from having a frantic pre-video-call reorganizing spree.

Be Near a Source of Natural Lighting

If you can, pick out a spot by natural lighting. Not only will the sun potentially improve your mood, but the light will help give you a sense of time.


Living in a place you love turns everyday life from a chore into a peaceful retreat. Now that we’ve taught you these tips for setting up your work from home space, we have a question for you. Are you happy in your home? Or are you looking for a change? Ryan Roberts can help you buy, sell, or both in the Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area. Contact him here to begin. Finally, for more on making the most of your lovely home, check out our blog.