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Ryan Roberts is Move Safe Certified

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 29, 2020
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Ryan Roberts is Move Safe certified

The spread of COVID-19 means that the way we all work and interact in public has changed. From grocery stores, to employees working from home, to Realtors, we’re all working hard to ensure that we do our parts to take care of others. Ryan Roberts is Move Safe certified, according to HomeLight, so that all of his clients have the peace of mind and protection that they need. Wondering just what that means? We’re happy to explain.

What is Move Safe?

HomeLight lists Realtors from all over, detailing the areas they serve, the awards they’ve earned, their records, and more. They also allow Realtors to fill out a questionnaire, revealing what methods they use to keep buyers and sellers safe from COVID-19. If they determine that a Realtor is officially qualified, they will issue a Move Safe certification on his or her page on the site.

What Move Safe services does Ryan Roberts offer?

Ryan Roberts is Move Safe certified, offering an array of different services to keep his clients protected, happy, and healthy on their real estate journeys. He offers helpful features like:

  • Video tours;
  • 3-D tours;
  • Aerial photography;
  • Virtual client meetings;
  • Providing COVID-19-specific purchase agreement documents;
  • Online offers, disclosures, and closings;
  • Observing social distancing during any live encounters;
  • Preparing the house for a safe viewing, making sure it’s clean and all doors are open ahead of time; and
  • Regular website presence.

More on Real Estate in the Time of COVID-19

Real estate is officially an essential business, since housing is a basic human need for us all. Though we’ve had to adjust the way we buy, sell, and tour homes, the market continues to operate. In fact, it even shows a significant amount of progress. Realtors—like Ryan Roberts—strive to keep their clients protected from day one to closing.


The real estate market—and how we operate within it—is constantly evolving. That means you need someone who knows how to navigate it to your advantage. Ryan Roberts is Move Safe certified—and he’s here to help you make the most of your next real estate experience. From buying, to selling, to a bit of both, he can help you within the Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area. Fill out his contact form here to begin. Finally, for more on the market during COVID-19 and other interesting real estate news, check out our blog.