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Coming Up: Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 30, 2020
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Auburn's drive-in fireworks show

Americans have celebrated our Independence Day for 243 years now—and it’s about to be 244. Though the way we ring in this special holiday has changed over time, we can still commemorate our freedom. This year, our town has chosen to try out a new tradition: Auburn’s drive-in fireworks show. Hop in!

What is Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show?

Auburn’s drive-in fireworks show offers us a chance to celebrate the Fourth of July—and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Now that drive-in movies are getting a spot in the limelight, it makes sense that drive-in fireworks are also getting their time to shine. Plus, it offers the perfect excuse to finally try out your sunroof!

When is Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show?

The show is on the Fourth of July. It will begin around 9 p.m. that night.

How do I attend Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show?

Things are a bit different, but you can always use this step-by-step guide to help you out on July 4th. If you want to attend the show, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head into the car;
  • Pick one of the locations listed below;
  • Arrive at your location and park in the parking lot;
  • Please stay inside your vehicle, so that everyone can properly social distance;
  • Move the dial of your radio to 97.7 Kicker F.M., if you want to listen to Fourth of July tunes; and
  • Wait for the show to start!

Where is Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show?

Visitors watch from their cars to see the fireworks go off on the Fourth of July. The main locations where the show will be visible are:

  • Duck Samford Stadium at 1840 E. Glenn Ave;
  • Duck Samford and Bo Cavin Baseball fields at 333 Airport Road;
  • The Auburn Mall;
  • Other nearby parking lots.

Please make sure that you are watching from a vehicle in a parking lot. Additionally, know that the city will be closing the path from Kent Drive, to Annalue Drive, to East University Drive by 8 p.m. that evening.

Is Auburn’s Drive-In Fireworks Show free?

Yes! The show is free for all to attend. Have fun!


The Fourth of July gives us a day to all come together and celebrate our freedom. Though we may not be able to sit close together, the spirit of our community remains as tight-knit as ever. We hope that you have a patriotic Independence Day this year, whether you’re marking it at home, with loved ones, or at Auburn’s drive-in fireworks show.

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