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In the News: City of Auburn’s $8.6 Million Soccer Complex Expansion

Posted by Hannah Taylor on August 9, 2022
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City of Auburn’s $8.6 Million Soccer Complex Expansion

Heads up, soccer fans, there are new opportunities coming to Auburn! The expansion of Auburn’s existing Soccer Complex on Wire Road will include a multipurpose court, new indoor and outdoor fields, a family pavilion and more. The City of Auburn’s $8.6 million soccer complex expansion will fulfill needs this community has been seeking for many sports.

What’s to come

This expansion will bring a new 160-by-350-foot indoor soccer and multipurpose court, four new outside fields, and a family pavilion including restrooms. Along with these features, there will be new pedestrian trails, picnic sites, and additional restrooms. Increased parking and a new roundabout will allow traffic to flow better at the complex entrance.

The indoor soccer and multipurpose courts will be able to be used for indoor futsal, basketball, and volleyball. This court is about the regular size of a basketball court, making that two basketball courts inside the gym area that can be utilized. This indoor space will also serve as an event center for the public.

Currently at the complex, the outdoor fields have natural grass, but when it begins to rain, this becomes a problem. The new outdoor soccer fields will consist of three synthetic astroturf fields and one natural sod practice field. With the city of Auburn’s $8.6 million soccer complex expansion, rainouts will no longer be an issue. These artificial turf fields, will allow games and practices to take place in the rain.

When and where

Construction for this project kicked off within the last month and is expected to finish by the summer of 2023. Project manager, Alvena Williams, told the Opelika-Auburn News that the Soccer Complex on Wire Road should remain open to the public as work on this site progresses.

The fields in front remain unaffected by the work taking place on the back of the project site, allowing those fields to stay open and available for games. Once construction begins on the parking lot to work on the building, people will still be able to use those fields.


Soccer lovers all over Lee County have scored big with the news of the City of Auburn’s $8.6 million soccer complex expansion. Get ready to kick off your summer here next year!

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