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6 Key Points of Lee County’s August 2021 Residential Report

Posted by Hannah Taylor on September 20, 2021
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Key Points of Lee County's August 2021 Residential Report

Before you decide to buy—or sell—it helps to know how the market’s doing. After all, you want to use all the leverage you can get! Well, let us make things a little easier for you. We have the August 2021 Residential Report from the Lee County Association of Realtors on hand. And, even better, we’ll break it down for you too. So, let’s get started!

Fewer houses on the market

In August of 2021, Lee County had a total of 388 homes on the market. That number represents a steep drop from the 521 Lee County houses on the market in August 2020.

More new listings

Interestingly enough, while Lee County has featured fewer total homes on the market when compared to last year, the number of new listings has risen. There were 227 new Lee County listings in August 2020, as opposed to 255 new listings last month.

Big earnings in overall property sales

You won’t believe how much sellers earned last month alone! During August 2021 alone, the total property sales sold dollar volume reached $75,532,228.

Fun fact: That’s $7,770,202 more than August 2020’s total property sales sold dollar volume of $67,762,026!

Impressive average sales prices

Next up on Lee County’s August 2021 Residential Report: average sales prices. The county’s average sales price hit $340,235 last month. Breaking that down, Auburn homes reached an average of $381,811, while Opelika homes saw an average sales price of $285,721.

Less than a month to sell

In August 2021 homes took less than a month to sell on average! Yes, that claim holds up to even the shortest month of the year (we’re looking at you, February). This past August, Lee County homes spent an average of 27 days on the market. Auburn homes took a tiny bit longer to sell at 31 days, while Opelika homes sold in a lightning-fast average of 19 days.

Total properties sold

Wow! Last month, 222 Lee County properties found new owners. Of those properties sold, 75 were new construction, while 147 were already existing.


Nothing like the numbers to truly inspire us! And we have to say—the facts and figures from Lee County’s August 2021 Residential Report have left us starry-eyed. If you feel drawn to the Lee County market right now, Ryan Roberts can help you buy, sell, or both. Simply contact him here to begin. Finally, you can read up on market trends, real estate tips, and local news on our blog.