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In the News: Point Broadband’s Corporate Headquarters in Opelika

Posted by Hanna Selman on August 17, 2021
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Point Broadband's Corporate Headquarters in Opelika

You may already know the folks at Point Broadband. They may even power the web at your home or office! The fiber-based internet firm has offered their services in the area since 2018, after buying OPS ONE. And now, they’re relocating to a spot we all know well. Read on to learn about Point Broadband’s corporate headquarters in Opelika.

About the company

Before we get into the details on Point Broadband’s corporate headquarters in Opelika, let’s get to know the company a little bit better. Founded in 2016 in West Point, GA, the company uses fiber-based technology to offer internet and phone services.

More on the move

Point Broadband’s corporate headquarters used to reside in West Point. However, after their recent move, they’re now Opelika-based. At the moment, the company is leasing a place to work. Once construction on their official headquarters is completed, though, they will move into their more permanent home.

That’s not all, though! Also on the docket is a regional warehouse, also to be located in Opelika.

Why they chose Opelika

We may be a bit biased, but we’re not surprised that Point Broadband chose Opelika! Not only do we have a wonderful community, we also have some enticing financial incentives, like tax abatements. The company also cites the partnerships they’ve grown in town as another motive to move here.

The benefits

Creating new jobs gives the economy a substantial boost. We have some good news, then! In total, this relocation will bring a minimum of 25 additional jobs to the table. That means more money in the pocket of Opelika residents. Plus, having such a helpful company in town will also give us some extra convenience too!


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