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Inside Auburn Traditions: Tiger Walk

Posted by Katherine Haas on September 27, 2018
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Tiger Walk

At Auburn University, even pre-game actions are an event of their own. Fans love their football team, making the Tiger Walk a famous SEC tradition. If you’ve ever been to an Auburn game—or set foot anywhere remotely near Jordan-Hare Stadium on a breezy Saturday—you know just how many Auburn Tigers participate in the walk. With jerseys and pompoms, fans and football players alike bond in this gigantic, popular event.

Even if you’ve participated in this mainstay, do you know the tradition behind it? Here are some historical facts that you can pull out of your back pocket the next time you’re heading to the game!

Original Tiger Walk

The original Auburn Tiger Walk came to be in the 1960s. Though it isn’t identical to the same phenomenon that it is today, both incarnations have one important thing in common: the love of Auburn football—and, of course, its players. Back when the walk started, the goal was to interact with players, as well as obtain their autographs. Children were the main participants, but over time, the Tiger Walk transformed into a romp for all ages.

Beating Bama

Did you know that Alabama has been playing Auburn on Auburn’s home turf for only 29 years? Well, the Tigers have made them all count—especially thanks to the Tiger Walk. Everyone knows just how passionate the rivalry between the Tigers and the Crimson Tide is—and has always been.

In 1989, it was in full swing. In fact, on game day, 20,000 Auburn fans showed up for the Tiger Walk. Estimates of game attendees top off just past 87,000. Even better, they all got to celebrate some more a few hours later when Auburn won the game! With this successful day, the popular event gained even more traction in the world of college football.


Auburn does it better—that’s just a local fact. This great university has built on other traditions, making them bigger and more exciting. Though the Tiger Walk holds influences from other universities like Williams College, it molded the walk into the big event it is today.

Now, many other colleges—like The University of Georgia—hold a Tiger-style walk of their own. Still, there will only be one Tiger Walk—the biggest and most amazing tradition of all!


Whether you’ve participated in a Tiger Walk or just seen one on television, you’ve witnessed that infectious Auburn spirit. Now that football season has returned, fans and residents alike have week after week of walks to enjoy. That’s a great reason to call out “War Eagle!”

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