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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Model Home

Posted by Hanna Selman on June 14, 2021
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pros and cons of buying a model home

The main purpose of a model home? Showing potential buyers all the possibilities that a subdivision has to offer! As you walk through, you may see intriguing attributes like jacuzzi tubs, walk-in closets, and chef’s pantries. And with all that glamour, you may find yourself head-over-heels for the model before you even see the rest of the subdivision. If this sounds familiar, these pros and cons of buying a model home can guide your decision.


We’ll start this one off sunny-side up! Here are some of the pros of purchasing a model home.

High-Value Features

Builders know to load model homes chockful with high-value features. So, if you like the luxe life, you can enjoy the best of the best in a model house.

Well-Maintained Landscaping

Curb appeal can determine whether or not someone will consider buying a home. That means your model home will likely have gorgeous landscaping—including plants, flowers, and trees. A great garden without the hard work? Sign us up!

Peace of Mind

You’ve unpacked and gotten the furniture arranged just right. Time to relax—right? Not always! Sometimes, brand new homes will need post-move-in repairs. Model homes usually don’t, though! After all, they have people walking through them regularly—so builders have long since fixed any issues.

Saving on New Furniture

Who doesn’t love saving money? As you move into your model home, you may be able to buy some of its original furniture—and at a discount. So, don’t be afraid to ask!


As we go through the pros and cons of buying a model home, you should consider every aspect of your real estate journey. For a more balanced decision, read the cons below!

A Less Desirable Location

As a rule, model homes sit at the front of a subdivision. That way, no one gets lost finding them! It also means that you may be in a more high-traffic area. Keep the location in mind before you buy!

Possible Wear

A strange paradox: model homes haven’t been lived in, but they may sport a slightly lived-in look. That’s because any number of people may have toured it before the developer is ready to sell. Still, your Realtor may be able to use this as leverage to secure you a better price. Not all bad!

Less Time Left in Your Warranties

New homes mean new appliances! Well, those appliances come with warranties. And yes, those warranties begin when the showings do. That can leave less time for you to take advantage of them—and it can mean you’re out big bucks.

Higher Price

Those extra features you first fell in love with? They may also come with a higher price. However, if you have a savvy Realtor, he or she can use the home’s model status as a reason to negotiate.


Now, you know the pros and the cons of buying a model home. On the other hand, do you know who can join your team as you navigate the market? Ryan Roberts, of course! Whether you want to buy, sell, or both, he can guide you through the Lee County real estate market. Contact him here to begin! And if you want to familiarize yourself with more tips, hints, and info, check out our blog!