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A Look at Lee County Real Estate In February 2021

Posted by Hanna Selman on March 29, 2021
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Lee County Real Estate In February 2021

Our county is starting the year off strong. Coupled with January 2021’s Residential Report, the new facts and figures from the Alabama Center for Real Estate show promise. Want to learn exactly what they entail? Let’s examine the new data on Lee County real estate in February 2021.

No Need to Wait

After all that time spent in quarantine, folks won’t waste any more momentum! The drop in days spent on the market reflects this change. In the past year, they’ve fallen by 28.1 percent. That means they went from 96 days in February 2020 to 69 days in February 2021.

Rising Residential Sales

Lee County real estate in February 2021 isn’t looking too shabby—especially when it comes to total residential sales. They rose from 168 units last year to 188 units this year, or by 11.9 percent.

High Demand, Lower Supply

This time last year, 645 homes sat on the market. Now, just 293 homes await buyers. That plummeting percentage? A drop of 54.6 percent! It also makes giving the right offer—and working with a savvy Realtor—even more important in 2021.

Awesome Average Sales Prices

The growing average sales prices mean profits for past sellers. They also mean that homes in the county follow a pattern of appreciation. That denotes good news for the whole market. As for the numbers: the average sales price grew from $283,610 to $299,294 in the past year, or by 5.5 percent.

Making More with the Median Sales Price

The median sales price also lines up with the average overall, confirming a rise in profits. Compared to last year, the median sales price has grown by 9.7 percent! In February 2020, it stood at $250,739. In February 2021, it reached $274,950.


Knowing the ins and the outs of the market can provide peace of mind—or a much-needed boost to enter the market. After a look at the market, you may have made up your mind! After all, Lee County real estate in February 2021 is thriving.

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