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7 Signs That You’re Ready to Buy a Home

Posted by Hanna Selman on July 20, 2020
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signs that you're ready to buy a home

Attending the first day of school. Moving out of your family’s home. Getting your first job. All of these are big milestones that can change your life. Right now, it’s also possible that you’re on the brink of an exciting new change: becoming a homeowner. Wondering if this transition is in your future? If any of these signs that you’re ready to buy a home apply, you might want to begin your journey.

Putting Enough Aside for a Down Payment

Before you buy, you should have enough money for a down payment. Usually, that’s about 5 percent of the home’s price, though paying 20 percent or more can help you save when you’re paying off your mortgage. If buying a home is farther away on your calendar—don’t worry. Consider putting aside a certain amount of money each month or each paycheck, so that you can slowly but surely acquire enough for a down payment.

Loving the Art of Redecorating

Some of us simply aren’t happy unless we can do a bit of home improvement. From replacing cabinetry by hand, to repainting the walls, to hanging up paintings with nails and not adhesives, you can do anything you want when you own a home.

Having Stable Finances

As we get older, we tend to establish more secure finances. If you have a good credit score and renter’s history, as well as the ability to pay off your bills on time, this puts you in the running for homeownership.

Wishing for More Space

One of the signs that you’re ready to buy a home is when you realize that you need more room—the kind of room only a house can provide. Apartments can offer good value for their square footage, but they often lack storage. They also usually don’t have full dining rooms, ample closet space, or basements or attics. Houses, on the other hand, do!

Wanting a Backyard

Whether you have children, dogs, or simply want a spot to grill, having a backyard opens up a whole new way of life. You can stretch out and enjoy all the space you need in your new home.

Hoping to Settle Down in Town

Do you love your town? Do you see yourself living there for years? And are you just plain done with renting? If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you may be on the road to buying a home in that area.

Thinking of an Investment

Owning a home allows people to build equity. Over time, your home may appreciate in value, which means that buying a house can actually be a great investment.


Times change—and so do we! As we grow, we want different things out of life—and we achieve the means to make them possible. If you’re still deciding on next steps, the above signs that you’re ready to buy a home can help you on your journey. And if you need an experienced Realtor, Ryan Roberts is on your side. Fill out his contact form here to get started. Finally, for more real estate tips, take a look at our blog.