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In the News: Grocery Store on South Gay Street

Posted by Hanna Selman on August 18, 2020
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grocery store on South Gay Street

Downtown Auburn aims to be a walkable area. With restaurants, housing, and shopping options already existing, an urban grocery store would really tie it all together! Now, that future is closer than ever. A grocery store on South Gay Street is in the cards—and its plans have made some recent progress. Keep on reading to learn more about this upcoming project.

Where will the grocery store be?

The structure housing the grocery store will sit on the lot that formerly housed Tiger Rags and Burger King on South Gay Street in Downtown Auburn.

Are there any updates on what brand of grocery store it will be?

Though there hasn’t been an official confirmation, it’s possible that the grocery store on South Gay Street may be a Publix. Elevation images, which are digitally altered pictures designed to show what a fully-constructed proposed building will look like, from the Planning Commission pictured a Publix store.

We also know that the store will be about 29,000-square-feet in size. Additionally, words from staff working on the project indicate that some of the lot will be used for additional retail space, so we could be seeing more shops in the area as well.

Why is the grocery store such an important project?

The grocery store is important for several reasons. First of all, it will ensure that Downtown Auburn is fully walkable. It also means that locals will have less trouble finding parking spaces, since many people living within walking distance to downtown won’t need to drive cars in the first place. And finally, it will add more jobs, business, and revenue to the area.

What’s next for the grocery store?

The planning process for the new grocery store in Downtown Auburn is in progress. On Aug. 13, the Planning Commission held a public Zoom meeting in which the project was discussed. As of yet, there is no confirmed completion date for the proposed grocery store.


The grocery store on South Gay Street will make life a lot easier in Downtown Auburn. Though there is still some time before it comes to fruition, we can’t wait for it to open its doors to the public.

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