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In the News: Auburn’s $3 Million Grant for Climate Change Education

Posted by Hanna Selman on November 14, 2019
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Auburn's $3 million grant for climate change education

Auburn students choose from majors like Agriculture, Science and Mathematics, and Forestry and Wildlife Services. Though their tuition dollars—and alumni donations—contribute to program funding, the college is also reliant on helpful grants to improve their academic experiences. Now, Auburn’s $3 million grant for climate change education can provide more funds and opportunities for students. Here’s just how the grant works—and which students it will assist.

Who will benefit from the grant?

Auburn’s $3 million grant for climate change education has been allocated to benefit graduate students. It will contribute to their education on climate change resilience education. Eighty-five students in the following majors will gain help from the grant:

  • Forestry;
  • Geosciences;
  • Crop and soil and environmental sciences
  • Rural sociology;
  • Biosystems engineering;
  • And more.

What does the grant involve?

The grant is intended to further climate change knowledge by instructing graduate scholars on properly researching the subject. That means that we could get some important environmental information straight from Auburn University.

The grant will also serve another purpose: allowing grad students to join the fight against climate change with those already experienced in the field. When students and researchers can communicate information on climate change, they can make a worldwide impact. That’s something that this grant supports, as it added a communication class on the subject to the mix as well.


Dealing with climate change takes time and preparation. Recently, Auburn University received a grant that invests in its students—and the future of our planet. Auburn’s $3 million grant for climate change education will allow students in different majors to invest in the health of the Earth.

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