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On Campus: Auburn University’s Applicant Numbers Soared for Fall 2024

Posted on May 21, 2024
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Auburn University's applicant numbers soared for fall 2024

If the number of applicants is any indication, word is out that it is truly “great to be an Auburn Tiger.” Another milestone was met as Auburn University’s applicant numbers soared for fall 2024 with a staggering surge in first-year student applicants.

A record number of applicants

More specifically, the university received a record-breaking 55,000 first-year student applications for the upcoming fall semester. This marks a remarkable 14% increase from the previous year, solidifying Auburn’s reputation as a top choice for higher education.

What makes this achievement even more impressive is the diverse pool of applicants that Auburn University has attracted. With more than 12,000 applications from Alabama residents alone, the university has captured the hearts of its home state with applicants from every county. What’s more, Auburn’s popularity extends beyond state borders with representation from all states across the nation as well.

More about the applications

As Auburn University’s applicant numbers soared for fall 2024, 39% of the applicants were admitted, with 34% coming from Alabama. According to reports, 25% of the admitted students were from “an underrepresented background, further emphasizing the university’s dedication to access.”

The report also shares the first-year students admitted for fall 2024 had an average GPA of 4.2 with an average ACT score of 29.

The appeal of Auburn

So, what about Auburn University sparked such tremendous interest among prospective students? For starters, the university’s commitment to academic excellence, vibrant campus life and a strong sense of community. From cutting-edge research opportunities to SEC sports excitement, Auburn offers a well-rounded collegiate experience that appeals to students from all walks of life.


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