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5 Smart Home Upgrades for Your Outdoor Space

Posted on May 28, 2024
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smart home upgrades to your outdoor space

Are you ready to sit back and enjoy the summer, but your outdoor area could use some attention? Create the outdoor space you want—the smart way. Get started today with these five smart home upgrades for your outdoor space.

Install home security cameras.

First and foremost, add an extra safety measure to your home and outdoor space by installing security cameras. This option provides real-time access to view your home from anywhere, with the ability to check footage if needed.

Light up with smart lighting.

Lighting can add aesthetics to a space and boost moods, so light your space with smart lighting. Choosing smart lights also allows you to set the color, brightness and timing of the lighting that you want for the space.

String lights, for example, are a popular outdoor lighting choice! But if you have fixtures in your outdoor space, you can opt for smart bulbs as well.

Connect your devices with smart plugs.

Do you already have outdoor items such as lighting and fans, but they aren’t smart? Connect your devices to outdoor smart plugs!

In addition to regular devices, you can also connect other smart devices to your plugs and set up times to turn them on or off. This means no more worrying that you forgot to turn something off, and it gives you complete control of the item from your phone.

Entertain with an outdoor TV and speakers.

Some more great smart home upgrades for your outdoor space include adding a television and speakers for optimal entertainment. Try connecting these to your other devices on an app for full control.

Connect your outdoor devices to your indoor ones with a smart home hub.

Do you have a smart home hub or app for your indoor devices? Connect your outdoor devices to the same hub to make it easier to control.

Learn more about indoor smart home technology and hubs by checking out our blog, “6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home With Smart Home Technology.”


With these smart home upgrades for your outdoor space in mind, make this upcoming summer better by putting them to use. For more home tips and real estate news, continue reading our blogs or contact Ryan Roberts to get started with your next real estate journey.