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Real Estate Defined: Bathroom Terminology in Real Estate Listings

Posted by Hannah Taylor on January 17, 2022
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bathroom terminology in real estate listings

Real estate listing lingo can be confusing when it comes to certain features including essentials like bathrooms. So, we’re explaining different bathroom terminology in real estate listings to help clarify.

The Half Bath

When it comes to bathroom terminology in real estate listings, there is a little bit of a formula. For example, the fractions are more than fancy ways to word things. They indicate the number of fixtures a bathroom has.

For starters, there’s the well-known half bath. Oftentimes, a half bath is also referred to as a powder room. It’s generally found in a central location and is available for guest use.

Typically, half baths include one sink and one toilet. However, it can be any combination of two. A half bath could also feature one toilet and one shower, or one sink and one bathtub.

Three-Quarters Bath

In this case, three-quarters refers to three main features. It tends to include a stand-alone shower, a toilet and a sink. Usually, it is centrally located and shared by both house occupants and house guests.

Full Bath

Perhaps the most familiar bathroom terminology in real estate listings is the full bath. A full bath tends to feature one of two main designs.

First, there is the toilet, sink, separate shower and separate tub layout. The other popular design includes a combination shower and tub.

Quarter Bath

On the flip side, we have the lesser-known quarter bath with one fixture. It can come in many forms and even be in other rooms.

For instance, beach houses may feature an outside shower. Your garage could have a utility sink. Even a bedroom could have a single sink with a toilet and shower down the hall as a half-bath.

Other Bathroom Terms

Sometimes listings and descriptions will incorporate additional bath terms. Therefore, we’re sharing some of the more common phrasing below:

Primary bathroom: Generally, a full bath centrally located for use by all.
Main bathroom: An ensuite bathroom accessible from the primary bedroom only.
Jack-and-Jill bathroom: Typically, a shared full bathroom between two bedrooms.
Adjoining baths: Usually refers to a full or three-quarter bath with two entrances.
Split-entry bathroom: This indicates two entryways as well.
Accessible residential bathroom: It’s a large bathroom that accommodates wheelchair access and use.


Finally, when in doubt when it comes to real estate listings and terminology, connect with a local Realtor! If you have questions about any listings in our area, contact Ryan. For more real estate news, trends and local features, keep reading our blogs.