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Closing Checklist: 6 Documents for Home Buyers to Bring to Closing

Posted by Hanna Selman on November 8, 2021
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documents for home buyers to bring to closing

It’s almost here—the final hurdle in your homing buying adventure! The much-anticipated closing day is fast approaching. How do you prepare? For starters, review this list of documents for home buyers to bring to closing, and start your file!

A government-issued photo ID.

You may think this is a silly reminder, but you never know what you may forget in the rush of excitement on your way to the closing! So, please remember your driver’s license, passport or any other government-issued photo ID.

Proof of homeowner’s insurance.

Don’t forget to bring your proof of homeowner’s insurance provided by your insurance agent.

A copy of your contract with the seller.

There may have been several contracts signed along the way. When it comes to closing day, add the last signed contract with the seller to your file of documents for home buyers to bring to closing.

Any paperwork required by the bank to approve your loan.

Any paperwork requested by your qualified lender during the loan and approval process should come to the closing too.

The Closing Disclosure.

To clarify, the Closing Disclosure lists the overview of terms and costs of your mortgage loan. Your lender will give it to you at least three business days before your loan closing.

Cashier’s Check.

We wish we could tell you to grab your personal checkbook. However, when it comes to a large lump sum like this, a cashier’s check is a must. You can pick one up from the bank ahead of time.

Your Realtor®!

Okay. Technically, not one of the documents for home buyers to bring to closing, but your Realtor® is a must-have for a professional, smooth closing day! Your Realtor® can help clarify any questions you may have as the closing attorney or lender guides you through documents.


Last but not least, remember to bring your favorite pen. You’ll have a ton of paperwork to sign!

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