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7 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

Posted by Hanna Selman on July 19, 2021
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Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard

When you see a mosquito, do you think, “Buzz off, buddy”? Us too! After all, it’s not like they come bearing gifts. Instead, they just invade your lawn and leave you with itchy, painful bites. If you’re dealing with these pesky pests, don’t fret! Instead, try out these tips for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard.

Monitor and get rid of standing water.

Water is essential for life—especially for mosquitoes. They will move into spots containing standing water as soon as they see them. Why? Well, that’s their ideal place to breed. Needless to say, that phenomenon makes this step incredibly crucial. You can find standing water in dog dishes, bird fountains, gutters, and more.

Don’t overwater.

This ties into point number one! One big source of standing water is puddles. By watering just the right amount, you can save on your water bill—and keep mosquitoes from growing their ranks.

Get trimming, weeding, and mowing.

Good news: you can cross off two problems at once. When you tackle lawn care, you also remove spots for mosquitoes to conceal themselves. So, trim, weed, and mow with an extra purpose this summer.

Grow mosquito-repelling plants.

If you like to garden, this will be one of your favorite tips for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard. You can add plants like:

  • Lemon balm;
  • Citronella;
  • Bee balm;
  • Sage;
  • Waterlilies;
  • Lavender;
  • Mint;
  • Water lettuce;
  • Rosemary;
  • And more.

Use citronella candles.

Planning a lovely dinner outside? Consider lighting a citronella candle or two! The scent can ward off unwanted pest guests. However, we should also add: never leave your candles unattended!

Consider calling a local pest control technician.

Sometimes, we need a little extra help! You can always call a local pest control technician to treat your yard. Check out our helpful contacts page for suggested pest control services.

Ensure your pool stays chlorinated and covered.

It’s pool season! And, as it turns out, your pool could play a part in defeating mosquitoes. That’s right! Chlorinated water can kill some—but not all—mosquito eggs. Covering your pool after a swim can also go a long way in preventing mosquito eggs from spawning.


Whether you want to get your home market-ready or you just want to enjoy the summer in peace, you know pests aren’t a part of that plan. Fortunately, this tips for keeping mosquitoes out of your yard will help.

When the time comes and you need a knowledgeable Realtor on your side, we have a solution for that too. Contact Ryan Roberts here. As for learning more about home care and yard maintenance, visit our blog.