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11 Winter Maintenance Tasks for Homeowners

Posted by Hanna Selman on February 8, 2021
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winter maintenance tasks for homeowners

Feeling bored at home? You don’t have to stay glued to the couch. Get busy and productive with these winter maintenance tasks for homeowners.

Revive the interior with fresh paint.

Never mind spring clean! Winter is ideal for interior painting. First, you are already spending time indoors. Second, thanks to drier air, the paint dries faster. Third, thanks to low-VOC latex paint, there are fewer odors.

Check your lightbulbs!

Make sure you are using energy-efficient lightbulbs like LEDs or compact fluorescent lamps. Use timers, dimmers, motion sensors, smart outlets and other controls to best utilize your energy output. Don’t forget to take a peek at outdoor lighting too.

Reverse ceiling fans.

Sounds crazy right? However, switching the fan blades to clockwise pushes heated air down. This is one of those winter maintenance tasks for homeowners with high ceilings!

Check for air leaks.

Find obvious drafts first. Check windows and doors and baseboards. Examine the point where walls meet ceilings. Assess the roof and the attic. Take it outside and look at places where different building materials meet.

Inspect for cracks.

Check the foundation, outside walls and inside walls. According to realtor.com, small hairline cracks—up to an eighth of an inch—are common. On the other hand, cracks than a half-inch should be seen by a professional.

Clean out your gutters.

Clean out your gutters before the rainy season. If you opt to do this yourself, carefully prop your ladder and use a small shovel to scoop out debris. Drop it in a barrel or bucket. Once the gutters are cleaned out, flush them with a water hose.

Clean your dryer vent.

Reduce the risk of fire by checking this winter task off the list. Clean your lint filter after each use. Use a vacuum to clean the lint filter. Unhook the vent, hold it upright carefully brush out the piping. Run the dryer for about 15 minutes after.

Change outdoor dryer vent covers.

We hate to say it, but even little critters are looking for warmth in the winter. Make it less appealing with a brand-new rodent-resistant, up-to-code, airflow-efficient dryer vent cover. Get your new cover and a screwdriver and get busy!

Weatherproof exterior pipes.

Protect those pipes and your running water.

Trim tree limbs.

Get rid of the dead ones! Winter and spring storms get windy. Be proactive and remove limbs that could easily fall. Call a professional if needed.

Make sure your portable generator works!

During the power outage is not the time you want to discover your backup generator is not working. Run a test to ensure it works.


Maintain now, save later. The good news is some of these winter maintenance tasks for homeowners are DIY. Others do require a professional. Either way, keeping your house a comfortable home with TLC is key. Find more happy home living tips on our blog.

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