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7 Ways to Support Lee County Businesses Remotely

Posted by Hanna Selman on March 26, 2020
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ways to support Lee County businesses remotely

We’ve all noticed it—COVID-19 has changed everyday life around here. Though social distancing isn’t easy, it’s one of the most important things that we can do to protect our community at this time. That, and washing your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, several times a day! If you find yourself stuck at home, either unable to leave most of the time or unable to leave at all, there are still a few simple ways to support Lee County businesses remotely. Consider trying these options!

Shop Online

If you’ve been working from home lately, you’ve probably perused some online stores out of boredom. See if the local businesses you like have an online shop—and then make an order!

Buy Gift Cards for Later Use

Future you will love this option we’ve added on the ways to support Lee County businesses remotely. Buy a gift card—you may be able to even order one online—and save it for later use. That way, once the pandemic has passed, you can treat yourself—and in the meantime, a local shop gets a much-needed cash infusion.

Try Takeout

Craving some tasty takeout? You can call up your favorite local dining spot and ask for a meal to-go. Then, step inside when the meal is ready and bring it home. Yum!

Share Their Social Media Posts

Some of the best things in life are free! Businesses love when you share their social media posts, because it gives them more attention and even visitors. All it takes is a click to share or retweet!

Leave a Review

Good reviews are a gift that can keep giving for years! Take some time to give your favorite local businesses a kind review. Even after COVID-19 is gone, businesses will still reap the rewards of your thoughtful action.

Tip Remotely

Feeling generous? You can do something special for the servers and bartenders working—even if you aren’t dining out. Call a local restaurant or coffee shop. Then, ask to give a tip to be divided among the waitstaff and bartenders. Many of them depend on tips for a living and this generous act can help them pay their bills.

Take Care of Your Neighbors

People aged 60 and older, those who are immunocompromised, and people with disabilities will face hardships during this time. Do your part to take care of your neighbors! You can buy locally and disinfect the supplies they need or give them gift cards for local restaurants that will deliver. You can also pay for local businesses to take care of their lawns or do necessary outside services so that your neighbor can safely isolate himself or herself.


Your help makes the community strong—like using these ways to support Lee County businesses remotely. Well, we think it’s important to thank all the hard-working employees that are keeping businesses afloat during this time! We also have someone else to thank: you!

Thank you for doing your part to keep everyone safe. Washing your hands, giving supplies or help to your neighbors in need, and staying isolated to keep the virus from spreading—everything you do will protect the most vulnerable among us.

After all, the reason we love Lee County is its community. If you want to join Auburn, Opelika, or Lake Martin, fill out our contact form here. Plus, for more on local living and businesses, visit our blog.