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In the News: Redevelopment Planned for Auburn Bank’s Downtown Property

Posted by Hanna Selman on February 27, 2020
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Redevelopment Planned for Auburn Bank's Downtown

Auburn locals like to joke about the frequency of new construction or renovations in Downtown Auburn. Still, we all know it comes from good fun—and a whole lot of love for our town! Though we’re already the Loveliest Village on the Plains, each change just makes the city even better. That includes the redevelopment planned for Auburn Bank’s downtown property. Wondering what to expect? Read on to learn more!

What kind of redevelopment is on the horizon?

Recently, news surfaced about a redevelopment planned for Auburn Bank’s downtown property. Auburn Bank has served locals for more than a century, starting all the way back in 1907—and it continues to thrive. With the new redevelopment, the Bank will have a centralized location, which includes 96,000 square-feet of space. It will also feature draws like:

  • The continued use of the original drive-thru;
  • Select space allocated for retail businesses;
  • (Potentially) wider sidewalks in the area;
  • A parking deck, complete with 535 new spaces for motorists to park; and
  • (Potentially) a building with both condos and retail areas, to be completed in the second phase.

Auburn Bank is daring to dream big! Ultimately, it intends to have three whole phases of building, with the third phase’s features remaining to be decided.

Where will the redevelopment be located?

You won’t have to look far to see this new Auburn Bank redevelopment! It will sit at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Gay Street.

When will construction finish?

Right now, the plan is still in progress! Auburn Bank isn’t counting its chickens before they hatch. First, it will continue to seek approval for the upcoming plans. After that, in the coming months, it will solidify its official timeline.


Sometimes, it’s just plain true: bigger is better! More parking spots, places to live, and easy access to Auburn Bank—the redevelopment planned for Auburn Bank’s downtown property means our hometown is getting better by the day.

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