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Local Spotlight: Lake Martin

Posted by Hanna Selman on January 14, 2020
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Lake Martin

Nothing beats a day on the lake. Head out for a fun day of fishing or stick to wading in the shallow waters. Lie on the lakeshore’s sandy dunes or join the watercraft bobbing in the waves. With something for every vacationer’s fancy, Lake Martin is Alabama’s laid back lake. Spend your day at the lake how you please—and enjoy some sun while there.

The Lake’s Origins

Spread out along 41,150 acres, Lake Martin began in 1926 with the damming of the Tallapoosa River. At the time, the lake was the world’s largest manmade body of water. Lake Martin now serves as a local vacation hot spot for the Birmingham, Auburn, and Montgomery areas. Beautiful, with gleaming waves in the sunlight, the lake is nestled around 20-40 minutes north of Auburn-Opelika by car, depending on which side you’re traveling to. Its waterways combine multiple local communities together, benefitting them as a recreational hub.

Make it a Lake Day

Lake Martin boasts 12 marinas along its coastline, with places to dock a boat or rent one. Not particularly one for boating? RV camping has become a favorite pastime for many patrons. Sprawling campgrounds are scattered along the lake’s edges. Once set up, you and your family can kick it on the beach or kayak the open waters. You’ll find paddleboards skimming along the surface—and some skiffs sailing in the distance. Plus, the lake offers plenty of venues for fishing. Fishing spots dot the lake, leaving you with numerous options for a day on the water or near the shoreline. It’s the perfect setting for a relaxing day trip or long weekend.

Looking for a place to get some grub? Enjoy lakeside eating at Kowaliga Restaurant or visit SpringHouse for fine, seasonal dining in a rustic ambience. Either way, these restaurants will put the finishing touch on your fun-filled lake day or weekend excursion! Browse other Lake Martin eateries here.


Find out why so many locals love Alabama’s lazy lake: Lake Martin. Lake Martin’s not only a place for recreation: it’s also residential. If you’d like to learn more about possibly living on Lake Martin—or in the Lake Martin, Auburn, and Opelika areas—contact Realtor Ryan Roberts here. Visit our blog for more local spotlights such as this!