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A Look at Lee County’s Third Quarter 2019 Residential Report

Posted by Hanna Selman on December 9, 2019
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Lee County’s Third Quarter 2019 Residential Report

The numbers are out—and they’re looking good. Lee County’s Third Quarter 2019 Residential Report has been released, and it’s a seller’s market. Let’s see why this report could make for a very merry and bright Christmas season for you.

What the Numbers Say

Sales are up

Generally speaking, sales have climbed, even when compared to just last year. In fact, total sales have jumped almost 20 percent since this time in 2018.

The price is right

Prices have also seen a bump, which is good news for sellers. The average sales price for October 2019 in Lee County peaked to $281,793, a 19.7 percent hike from just last year.

Days on market is still down

If you weren’t excited for Lee County’s Third Quarter 2019 Residential Report, you will be. For sellers, the dreaded days on market has remained low. While a little higher than 2018, the days on market for Lee County has continued to stay stable. The average number of days on market hovers at around 70.

It’s solid selling season

Residential sales have continued to head north. There have been a total of 62 more transactions this quarter when compared to the third quarter of 2018. Couple that with an uptick in average sales price (~1.5 percent since the third quarter of 2018) and you have the makings of a sublime seller’s market!


The proof’s in the pudding: Lee County’s Third Quarter 2019 Residential Report gives solid marks across the board for sellers. And the numbers are just the start. Lee County is known for its gorgeous homes—you just need the right realtor to get you in the end zone.

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