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6 Reasons to Have Your Chimney Inspected

Posted by Hanna Selman on December 16, 2019
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reasons to have your chimney inspected

We all have a long to-do list in the winter. Whether we’re selling our homes or simply preparing for guests, there’s always something to work on, it seems. That’s why dealing with our chimneys may completely escape our minds! This year, consider the following reasons to have your chimney inspected.

Avoiding Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide has sadly caused a number of deadly tragedies. For many, the root cause is their blocked chimneys. Protect yourself—and your loved ones—by scheduling a chimney inspection.

Your Safety

One of the most important reasons to have your chimney inspected is your safety! If there’s anything wrong with your chimney, you should know—especially since winter means time by the fireside.


In the winter, some of us imagine Santa going down our chimney. Unfortunately, pests may also use your chimney as a way into your nice warm house. They can eat away at your insulation and cause damage to your home. That’s not a very thoughtful holiday present!

You’re Selling Your Home

When you sell your home, inspections are routine. That way, you can protect yourself—and the next residents. Well, as it turns out, your chimney should be added to the docket. And if you’re buying, make sure that your potential new home has also had its chimney inspected as well.

Potential Damages

We all have our own areas of expertise! Though you may not be able to recognize ruined parts of your chimney, there are professionals who know the job like the back of their hands. Not only can they look for potential damages, but they can fix them up nice and easy.

Preventing Fires

A messy chimney means that creosote—a flammable material—could be covering the interior. That makes inspecting—and cleaning—your chimney a matter of utmost importance!


A bonus inclusion among our reasons to have your chimney inspected is that the task will give you peace of mind. Another way to achieve peace of mind is working with Ryan Roberts! Ryan can not only guide you to resources for chimney cleaning and inspections; he’s your complete resource to selling and maintaining your home!

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