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How Fall Lawn Care Can Affect Your Home’s Value

Posted on November 25, 2019
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how fall lawn care can affect your home's value

Lawn care can be hard work. It also changes from season to season. Though the tasks required in autumn may not be as intensive as those in the summer, they’re just as important. In fact, here’s how fall lawn care can affect your home’s value.

Setting Expectations

If buyers see an unruly lawn, they may think that your yard is too difficult to tame. Showing them a well-trimmed lawn will help set up better expectations.

Improving Curb Appeal

You often form an impression of a home within a minute of pulling into the driveway. That’s because of curb appeal! Remembering how fall lawn care can affect your home’s value may mean the difference between an offer or a buyer moving on to the next option.

Preparing for the Next Season

Sometimes, people like to take their homes off the market in the late fall or early winter—especially lake houses. That’s partly because of holiday celebrations and partly because there are typically fewer offers in the winter. Seeding your grass in the fall can set your lawn up to be in perfect shape when you put it back on the market.


Proper insulation can decrease heating costs in the fall and winter. It also keeps us comfortable! Did you know that a good covering of grass can help insulate your underground pipes? It’s true! Plus, showing low heating bills to your potential buyers could be a useful piece of evidence as to why your home is so desirable.

Simple Touches

Eliminating weeds and keeping your lawn free from leaves are simple touches. They also go a long way in the minds of buyers! Take the time to improve your yard. After all, you want your potential buyers to be in a good mood when they walk in—not armed with criticism. If you find yourself busy prior to showings or open houses, consider hiring a professional take care of your lawn on the day before prospective buyers visit.


Though it may not always be apparent how fall lawn care can affect your home’s value, it’s still a critical factor. Showing potential buyers that you have pride in your home means that they can expect to have pride in it too. Ready to put your home on the market this fall? Want to buy a home in time for the holidays? Ryan Roberts works in the Auburn, Opelika, and Lake Martin area. Fill out his contact form here to get started! Plus, for more helpful real estate tips, check out our blog!