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10 Items You Need to Have at Your Fall Tailgate

Posted by Katherine Haas on October 19, 2017
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items you need to have at your fall tailgate

Here on the Plains, we’re no stranger to football culture. For many, the pre-game is just as important as the game itself. Though we’re well into the college football season, the Auburn Tigers still have some of their biggest home games ahead—and that means big opportunities to make your tailgate a memorable one. When designing your next tailgating experience, don’t forget these items you need to have at your fall tailgate.

  • A well-scouted out spot. The spot you choose can make or break whether you have a successful tailgate. You’ll want to be located with parking options not too far away for your tailgate guests. You will also want to have restrooms in close proximity, and be within walking distance of the stadium for those going to the game. Aside from that, you may consider the location’s physical attributes, like whether it is grassy or on asphalt, and whether or not there is any natural shade.
  • Tents for shade. Natural shade or not, a tent is among the items you need to have at your fall tailgate. When it’s hot, a tent can keep you out of the sun. When it’s cool, a tent can give you something to huddle around. Either way, your tent is a distinguishing marker for visitors to be able to better identify your tailgate.
  • Iced coolers. Don’t wait until you get to the tailgate to decide that you need ice. Make sure your cooler is stocked full ahead of time. Once you get settled in your spot, ice is going to be few and far between. Bonus points for any type of hard cooler like a Yeti or Orca that helps ice last longer, considering your tailgate is an all-day affair.
  • An array of food and drink. Fuel your fan appetites with finger foods and snacks, full-on barbecues and beverage options. Cut down on your effort by doing it potluck style and asking your guests to each bring a dish to share.
  • Comfortable chairs. In addition to getting pumped for the game, tailgating is also a time for relaxing! If you’re not a fan of sitting on the ground (or on the actual tailgate of a truck, considering one is there), then you’ll want to be sure you bring a chair (or two, or three). Football game day involves a significant amount of walking, so take a load off while you can at the tailgate.
  • A Bluetooth speaker. Crank up the tunes at your fall tailgate (but just make sure you aren’t annoying to your tailgate neighbors). Bring a Bluetooth speaker so that you and your guests can take turns connecting and choosing music. Just make sure it’s charged ahead of time!
  • Yard games. Bocce ball, corn hole or even just the regular old football toss—you’ll need a way to pass the time while waiting for the game to start. Entertain yourself and your guests with these types of easy yard games that don’t require much effort, but that still fulfill a need for friendly competition.
  • A television. This may go above and beyond the typical tailgate for some, and for others it may come standard. Having a TV on site will allow you to watch other games as you wait for yours to start. If you are not going to your game, it also gives everyone the opportunity to stay at the tailgate and watch it together.
  • A generator. If you’re going to have a TV, you’re going to need a way to plug it in. Power up at your tailgate using a gas generator. Honda, Ryobi, Briggs & Stratton and others make portable generators that are specifically labeled as “quiet,” so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your guests or fellow tailgaters.
  • Fans. Yes, we mean both kinds! For one, tailgates can still be quite hot in the South during the fall, so a battery-operated or even plug-in fan (if you have a generator) can give you refuge from the heat of the day. But you also won’t want to have a tailgate without your team’s fellow fans to share the experience with!

Check off these items you need to have at your fall tailgate to ensure you have a superior pre-game experience for the rest of football season!

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