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Selling a Furnished Home: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Posted by Hanna Selman on November 23, 2020
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Selling a Furnished Home

When deciding what will work best in terms of selling your home, you should take time to carefully consider your options. There are plenty of good reasons why selling a furnished home works, but there are also plenty reasons why it may not be the best decision for you depending on your individual situation. Let’s break down selling a furnished home by considering the pros and cons.  

Pro: Furnished homes can often sell faster.

Depending on what the buyer wants, a furnished home could actually sell faster than a non-furnished home. Maybe the buyers who want a furnished home are more ready to make a big purchase. Maybe it gives a complete “move-in ready” vibe, they can’t resist. One thing is certain: tasteful furnishing that are appropriate for the design and area of the home sell fast.

Con: Furniture may not be included in the selling cost.

Putting the right furnishings in the right home in the right area has a price tag. There is no guarantee that you will get back what you paid for the furniture. But it might increase the sales price by getting several bids.

Pro: Selling a furnished home allows buyers to picture themselves living in it.  

The right furniture paired with the architecture and style of the home can make the space so inviting the buyers want to stay—for good. Classic accent pieces, soft rugs, and a comfy chair can easily set a mood.

Con: Selling a furnished home makes it hard for buyers to picture themselves living in it.

But the wrong furniture can have the opposite effect and can send buyers running. For example, not everyone has a taste for modern furniture—even worse if it’s furnishing a ranch-style home.

Pro: Sellers (and buyers) get an easy moving day!

This is true for both the seller and the buyer. Basically, pack up your clothes and go. No need to hire movers or beg your friends and family for help.

Con: Furnishings limit your potential buyers.

Simply put, selling a furnished home targets a select group of buyers instead of the masses. This can eliminate a large group of potential buyers.


When selling a furnished home, you take these pros and cons into consideration to decide whether it is right for you. Feeling overwhelmed? Contact Ryan Roberts. He is ready to help create a plan that works for you. Then he can help find your new dream home! Browse his listings to see what’s available in our area.